Wifi Stopped Working

Hi, I have a wireless usb adapter - AWLL5077 Wireless N 150 Mini USB Adapter

It worked well until 6 months ago and it stopped working with the wdtv live plus. It works with my laptop and PC.

I have tried - rolling back to this firmware  http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5800

  • Upgrading again to the latest firmware

  • Resetting back to factory settings

  • Turning off the encryption/security setting on the router

It still does not detect my router or any other wireless devices in the area.

Please assist me with this problem, everything else works except for the wifi.


Have you tried using it in the other USB port?  (Could be that the port it was in has failed?)

Yes, same result…

I did plug it in after booting up and occasionally it would detect the wireless networks, my router and my neighbours , when I type in the password and hit enter, it does not connect to the router. Other times it will not display any networks at all.