Wifi Stopped Working after latest update

After my latest update my  wifi is not recognized. My wd live plus (3rd gen) says there is no connectivity. An automatic setup of network yields no ip (, a manual setup does not show any connections and upon checking connectivity says there is no ip.

I restarted the box and there was still no  internet and netflix was no longer in the services drawer.

I then tried rolling back the driver to 1.06 and I can see netflix in the drawer, but I still cannot get it to connect to my wifi. 

I have not changed anything else in my setup.

Please help !

What happens when you try to connect to wifi?

Do you get an error or the wireless option is not showing? 

I do not get a wireless option showing. When I set the connection up manually it tells me that I do not have a valid ip. I have not changed anything in my setup, and everything else works on my network.

Ok, hold on a sec… You say “WDTV Live Plus (Gen 3)”  That’s a contradiction.

There’s no such thing.

There’s a WDTV Live Plus

There’s a WDTV Live (Gen 3), also known as the WDTV Live Streaming Media Player, or SMP for short.

So which MODEL NUMBER do you have? 

The Live (Gen 3) has Built-in WiFi, not an adapter.

I had the same issue with the WiFi, a factory rest fixed it.

For some odd reason the WD Tv could ot login onto my WiFi network

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My internet & windows shares stopped working after latest firmware update. I entered the network data manually

& the internet is now working for the WDTV player. However, I still can’t access any network shares. Under Win7

control panel/devices the WDTVLive shows as a device but shows no connection available. 

The WDTVLive model is WDBHG70000NBK   & the serial is [Edited]

Please advise what action I need to follow to correct this problem. Please reply soon. Tks.