Wifi speed 150mbit or 300mbit


I have wifi isue with my WD live TV device.  When I listen to MKV files and DVD files,  I sometimes have sound lag.   My network is always at least 95%  on both device…  I use on my computer a USB WIFI “N” adapter at 150Mbits/sec 

My question is, would I benifit to change my adapter for a 300Mbits/sec.   Is the WD Live TV  a 300Mbits/sec device???



Are you going point-to-point from your pc to the SMP? If not you may to check to make sure your router will also support the 300mbit speed. I personally don’t think your issue is the wifi adapter on your PC.

As for the real issue I think you might be having a similar to what several others including myself are having and that is poot CIFS (WIndows share protocol) performance with the SMP. I currently can not get VIDEO_TS to play as the audio skips, but have been able to convert to mkv and that seem to fix the problem. Also an iso rip of a DVD seems to play just fine as well (haven’t tested creating an iso out of a VIDEO_TS folder that isn’t working yet but that is a project for the weekend). My main reason I think this is a poor performance issue from the SMP over CIFS is that if I connect to my NAS over the NFS protocol the same VIDEO_TS files work perfecfly fine.

My network setup is gigabit switch/wireless N access point that my PC and NAS are plugged into and my SMP is connected to via wifi. 

Here’s to hoping WD comes up with some kind of solution to these issues sooner than later.

From going through these forums, your question (What’s the wifi speed) doesn’t seem to have an answer.

Does anyone have a 300mbs or 600 mbs router that lets you see the connected speed of the device so you can let us know


I realize that I should give more information about my setup.  My WD Live is wired to my wifi router witch is a tplink 300mbps.  All my video files are on my desktop downstairs connected via wifi with a tplink 150mbps USB adapter.  The signal on my desktop is always around 95 to 100%. 

I rip all my DVD in MKV in loosless format witch is : Video: MPG2 720x480  Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 4608kbps.  I use Pavtube bytecopy witch is by the way a GREAT tool for MKV encoding.

All video files will in some point skip sound sometime in the movie.  I usually need to pause and scroll back a few second to fix the issue. 

So My question remain.  Will I benifit to upgrade my USB aapter to a 300Mbps to get the maximum of my wifi router.  And is the WD live Tv device is a 300Mbps compatible device???  

Thank you for your help to all


When you say your WD LIve is “wired” is that physical wire? If so then in order to answer your question the best you ought to try and directly connect your PC to the same switch and see if you have any issues. My understanding is that the wireless N standard (150 and above) is sufficient to stream BD content. However you might be having other issues in between that may or may not be related to the wifi card.