WiFi Related Issue

Hi. I have a my cloud personal storage hard drive. I’ve been having WiFi issues at home recently and my network provider swapped out my old modem and router for a modem/router combined box. However, I’m still having WiFi issues and now whenever the WiFi goes out I no longer have access to my files on the mycloud storage drive. Previously, if the WiFi went out it wouldn’t affect my ability to access mycloud files. Anyone have any suggestions for this not-super-tech savy person?

@MDA341 What device and operating system are you using? Who is your wi-fi provider?

Microsoft surface 3 running windows 10. Provider=rcn

What router brand and model are you using?

Certain routers have a specific issue with the My Cloud. The workaround is to use a network switch between the My Cloud and the router.

ARRIS and I think the model number is DG2470

Out of curiousity, if your WiFi is not working, how did you successfully connect to anything on your Surface? Do you use an ethernet adapter?

I’m not sure I understand your question. I don’t have anything connected to my surface via wire. I’ve had the mycloud storage drive for a couple years

That’s my question. If you’re not using Wired Ethernet on your Surface, and you had no WiFi, how were you able to access your My Cloud’s files?

I’m not sure. When the WiFi went out it didn’t affect the ability to access the files. This was when I had 2 separate boxes for the modem and router.

Sounds like your local WiFi was working but you lost your Internet Connection from your service (modem) thus you still could access your files via the router. I have the MyCloud on a Ethernet switch that is running to my WiFi router. My carrier’s connection is the modem. I own everything behind it.

I would recommend an inexpensive Ethernet stand alone 8port switch. Cable from the Modem/router to switch & Cable from Mycloud to switch. This would allow you to also expand to other network attached devices.