Wifi password reset after turning off WDTV live Hub

Hi guys,

When I turn off my unit by remote it turns off but I know it goes into standby and leaves the hard drive and fan on all the time. I was concerned about this so I started to do a hard turn off by holding the power button for 3 seconds. I figured why keep it on all week when I only use it on weekends. Anyways i have a wireless adapter that connects to my router and this is how I transfer movies and connect to my pc through wireless for youtube etc. The problem is that everytime I do a hard power down it resets my wifi password and i have to configure the wireless network setup every time I turn it on again. Is this normal and is there a way around this ?

Thanks in avance.

All I can say is that it is not normal.

WD TV Live HUB does remember the WiFi credientials like Security Key and SSID information even if you have completely removed power for days…

However, there are some quriks in the interface based on which option you select, There is something known as “Wireless preferences” in the menu only then the stored credintials for your Wifi is used,  If you have selected something other that then it will ask you for the Wifi SSID and Security key again and again.

Having said, I have had issues wherein certain Wifi Cards may or many not work correctly, and behaves exactly like you have explained and sometimes fails to obtain IP addresses from the DHCP server etc; etc; especially if your SSID is hidden, Please make sure that you have read the KB article and make sure that your Wifi Card is in the compatiblity list…

Hope this helps

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