WiFi Not Working after SSD Install

I hope the community can help point me in the right direction. I just installed a new WD Blue 500 GB SDD in my older HP 15-AC071nr laptop. Physical installation went without a hitch and Windows 10 installed easily, except for one issue. I have no WiFi reception at all unless the laptop is practically touching my wireless router. I tried connecting several times during Windows install and then just used the Ethernet connection to finish.
Searching the internet, I did not find many links reporting a similar save one that suspected the new SDD was causing RF interference - I find that unlikely. I initially thought the old HDD was acting as an antenna, but the wireless card has antenna wires, so that is unlikely. Obviously, I need to go back in to see if anything came loose, but I wanted to see if anyone encountered a similar issue?
Thanks for viewing my post.

A service manual is HERE. Page 45 indicates there may be a protective cover over the antenna connector. Make sure it is there and make sure the antenna is properly/firmly connected to the stub for it. Those puppies are difficult, sometimes, to push back on. If the protector isn’t there (didn’t have one or it got lost) connect it and cover it with some tape or make a protector from, maybe, a samll piece of shrink tubing with a notch cut on one end for the connector.

Thanks for your reply and taking the time to link to the manual. I haven’t had the chance to crack it back open. I know I didn’t touch that area during the SSD install, but I’m sure there is something amiss with the antenna connection. Thanks again.

The antenna wire was properly connected. I re-seated the card to no avail. There are two jacks on the card, J1 and J2, so I moved the wire from J2 to J1 and voila I have wireless. Nothing to do with the SSD or my actions replacing it - just one of those coincidences (that seem to happen to me often when I work on computers) :slight_smile: :laughing: :rofl:

SUCCESS! I like these stories!!