WiFi mess - MyCloud interrupts another laptops' WiFi connection

Hi everyone

I just got MyCloud it is set and ready to go, only one problem, I am using WiFi connection in the house and for some reason one of the laptops suddenly can not use the internet at all, nothing is loading, but the moment I swith the cloud off it works just fine. 

How can I work this out?  I need my  Cloud on, but this laptop is also in constant use. Does it need some upgrade? It has woindows 7 or I have to upgrade the wireless driver maybe? 

Any ideas guys, I will be very greatefull 

As the “My Cloud” doesn’t have any wi-fi capabilities, I suspect that this is a problem with your router.

The fact that it works when the “My Cloud” is turned off makes me think it could be an IP conflict. Have you set a static IP on the laptop and the “My Cloud” ? although Win 7 should come up with an error message to tell you the IP is being used already.  I’d start by checking your router to see what IP they are set to.

I may be wrong, but at least your eliminating something :wink:

Look somewhere on your router to clear DHCP or known devices or similar. It should help the router rebuild the IP assignment. Else you could just factory reset your router then simply restore back the admin/wireless password etc.

How many devices do you have connected? You said one of the laptops. Since you have Windows 7, on that laptop click on Start>Help and Support then type internet connection in the search box and click on the search icon. Then click on Why can’t I connect to the Internet.

What does your devices and connections look like. Are you able to provide an image. See image below.

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