WifI LED never lights

On my passport wireless device the WiFi LED never lights, It doesn’t matter how long I keep it pushed nor how many times
The manuals all assume WPS is simple and just connects you., but this (defective) protocol is not supported by my Freebox (France) router because WPS is NOT secure.
Unfortunately all the manuals assume that it just works, but it doesn’t.

I can see other people asking for WPA support and I am really disappointed that Western Digital relies on protocols such as WPS which is proven to be insecure as long ago as 2011.

I have another Yamaha HiFi device that also uses WPS to connect to my router, but at least on that device there is an alternative method to configure the WiFi setting using IOS family share.

Its seem WD doesn’t care.

According to the distributor where I bought it – Boulanger – the just tell me to change the router. Lol that is part of my service provider contract, I can’t change it.
Was my money spent for nothing then ? Any solution?

If you connect the MPW to a computer via USB as a data storage (DAS mode), its Wi-Fi cannot be turned on. If you tried powering up the unit without being connected via DAS mode and the Wi-Fi LED does not turn on (assuming the battery is charged), then you may have a defected unit. Please contact WD support team for assistance.

For Wi-Fi configuration, WPS is just one method supported as per Wi-Fi alliance standard. User can also setup the MPW’s Wi-Fi after connecting to its SSID via the device web dashboard ( or via the My Cloud mobile app. For more detail, check the user manual starting page 18 - http://products.wdc.com/library/UM/ENG/4779-705118.pdf