Wifi Issues on WD Live

I just purchased and upgraded the WD live to the newest firmware. I am having wifi issues. It will connect to my network drive and media ok but never stops compiling the media. The light just keeps flashing on the front. I just tried plugging in the network via cable and it worked great, media compiled in less than a minute. When i switch back to wifi and try to start streaming it stutters and then starts compiling again. i am also having to restore the connection quite a bit. It will just drop out of nowhere without warning.  i have tried resetting to factory settings. same issues.I am using a new Netgear wndr 4500 router. should i send this back for another?

It sounds like the connection is reaaaallly slow.   Having a slow connection would account for both issues.

As to whether it’s a hardware issue or not, that’d require more troubleshooting.

One step would be to try to copy something via the network to a USB disk and measure the speed.

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Thank you for the quick reply. The wifi speed is really good between other devices. I have no issues transferring files or streaming to any devices over the network. Just the WD live.