WiFi Interworking problem with DL-845L

This is mainly for sharing my experience.Suggestions are of course welcome.

The problem:

It is quite annoying that when I power off (5 second on remote) my wd TV live and after some time I switch it on, it does not connect to WiFi. As WiFi router I have a DLINK DIR-845L.

It appears something related to DHCP (i.e. if I use a wrong password I have a immediate message of wrong passwd, otherwise I have to wait till a message saying check password).

At the router side I could not find any trace in log file of WD TV live DHCP request.

It is enough to disable and enable radio to have evrything working.

I cannot locate the problem without checking what there is on air. I would think to some problem with the router, but it is perfect on all my devices!

How I have solved:
I have enabled on the DIR-845L the WiFiguest zone (I.e. two SSID are broadcast on the same beacon). I cannot tell it always works, but it is very rare it does work.

PS: Remeber that guest zone does not allow access to other WiFi devices, so you have to set in WD the not guest zone SSID as default, or releselect


Thank you for sharing your experience. Hope this helps other users.

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