Wifi goes off when connected to usb source

i bought My Passport Wireless for the purpose that i should wirelessly send data to it while my hardrive is connected to my led tv or it is powered by usb adapter, but when i brought the product i came to know that wifi only works when it is on battery ,really dissapointed why this has been done to this product ,any technical answer to it


WiFi works when you are charging MPW over original charger.

It is only disabled when connected to PC over USB.

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foetus is correct, no Wi-Fi when USB connected … but Wi-Fi On/OK while on charge (via USB and AC Adaptor)

You’ll need Wi-Fi in your LED TV (or a separate Wi-Fi dongle) to stream files from the MPW to your TV and then you can also transfer new files to it from your PC.

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Let me clarify some of the differences between different USB connections, I have found, with my the MPW and other wireless devices like the MPW.

There are two types of USB connections, USB Charge connections or there are USB Host (include OTG - On The Go USB) Data connections.

USB Charge Connections include the AC USB Charger (one provided) and others AC and 12V Auto Chargers. These should not cause the unit to turn off its Wi-Fi and should charge when the drive is not spinning. This also includes USB Battery Packs. USB Battery packs are a great way of getting longer runtime away from AC. This includes Solar products from Goal Zero. Also, 12V Auto USB Charger is a great way of using your MPW in your car.

USB Host/OTG Connections include If the USB port you are attaching to does any USB Host support, that wants to access the disk in the unit, or supports other USB devices (wireless network adapters, keyboards, mice, cameras, etc), the MPW will think of these connections as a USB Host and switch off Wi-Fi and will operate as DAS (Direct Attached Storage)(just like any old My Passport or My Book USB drive). The MPW switches off it’s Wi-Fi with these connections. BTW, the SD card only works while in Wi-Fi mode or what is called NAS (Network Attached Storage) or wNAS (Wireless Network Attached Storage).

I hope this helps everyone to understand the different connection types with USB.


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thanks for the reply,first as i mentioned before i bought mpw for my led tv it has this technolgy to connect the hardisk via network wirelessly but the bluray films buffer when played,secondly i wanted that i should download files and throw directly to this mpw, but after getting this i came to know that its wifi swtiches off when tv is on and connected via usb source ,whats the difference when hardisk is spinning or not ,the formula applies also to the internal hardrive so may be its a flaw which will  be corrected lately any answer plz do help because i could have bought a cheaper device with same storage

It does appear you bought the wrong kind of drive for the intended purpose, the MPW is a great drive for what it is designed to do, so at this point you may as well buy a plain vanilla drive to hook to the TV, and enjoy th MPW for what it does.