Wifi/ethernet any assistance or ideas

i have had my SMP a couple of years now enjoy it very much and have always used it with WIFI.

i have a very limited setup. my router is a couple of feet from the laptop and my TV and SMP are about 12 feet from that.i live in an area that unfortunatley only has a 1mpbs connection but it does for the most part suit my needs. however i subcribe to mlb.tv whose minimum requirement is also 1mpbs.when watching games there is an occasional freeze and on rare occasions a reboot however from what i have read on this forum that unforunatley happens but i can live with that.

my problem is that there is a constant buffering every couple of minutes  only for a few seconds with the blue spinning wheel and after about five minutes i get the black screen saying i do not have enough broadband for the game.i re connect immediatley and it starts all over again.

i am not expecting miracles but my question is if i ran an ethernet cable directly from the router to the SMP and then configured it to wired instead of wireless could this possibly give me just enough of a speed jolt to avoid this happening.
if that is an option worth trying would i need to make any confguration adjustments to my laptop?
my wireless connectivity is:802.11b/g/n and the network card is:10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN.
if this could work i would just hard wire it permanently.

would most appreciate any assistance or ideas
many thanks

wired will pretty much always be more stable than wireless

so yes, it’s very likely wired will be the easy way to fix the issue

many thanks for you kind reply. maybe you could help me out on some further info.
i am 73 retired and live on a very remote outer island of tahiti so my laptop my internet connection and wdtv live are a very important part of my life but i am very much the layman when it comes to networking etc.

i have a modem/router which is supplied by my local along with an intergrated internet telephone subscription which i need to keep and it has 4 ethernet connections.

i also do have a DLink DIR-655 wireless gigabit router(which i do not know how to use).i have read they are capable of maintaing maximum wifi connections .
as i need to keep my ISP modem/router because of the phone is it feasable to connect it to the DIR-655 then in turn to my PC and WDTV live.would a connection like this
add to the stabilty of of my WIFI connection?.if so how do i connect it all up.
as mentioned in my previous post i just need to maximize my present connetion to hopefulkly avoid the MLB.TV buffering.

i hope i have explained myself clearly
thank you

since you have a dlink 655 which has multiple ethernet ports (4 of them)

connect 1 cable from 655 to your PC

connect 1 cable from 655 to your WD

then on WD go to network settings and change selction from wireless to wired

this would remove wireless from the situation involvoing the WD

and the WD would run completely over a wired connection, which is much more stable that a wireless connection

many thanks for your very quick reply.
in doing as you suggest i assume i would have to replace my existing modem.router and use the dlink in its place but because of the neccessity of having to maintain my internet telephone subscription i was hoping it would be possible to somehow link my existing modem/router to the Dlink then to the PC and WD is this possible?
thanks again

you should be able to use any router you want

I can’t imagine how great it must be to live where you do.  I would have a tough time worrying about my wifi!!

yes it is a very nice life. i live on the island just next to bora bora and have lived here fifty years and am now retired.but as i have been a very avid movie fan since chidhood an internet connection a 50 inch TV and an SMP becomes almost a paradise within a paradise and of the utmost importance.