Wifi disconnect issues


I’m having WiFi disconnect issues with my WD TV Live streaming player.

Wifi signal is excellent, but at some specific point its just disconnect for no reason…

which abort my transfer files to the device.

Dunno what cause it.

Is this a know problem?

How can be fixed?


have you checked if anything is interfering with the signal…

I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a cordless phone

I’m trying different router configurations and router possitions to figure.

So far network file copy lockup over 100 times, and then the copy process to be engaged from scratch…

and so on…

I trying to figure the optimal router possition to avoid conflict, 

but currenly i’m limited but short cables.

Will continue with attempts to figure.

In meantime[until wait to receive long cables which will allow me place the router at best possible place],

can anyone share how much max real MB/s transfer can be expected from WiFi? [assume its connected to the 300Mbit/s wireless N router]

I known that probably will varry depened of different factors, but it would be usefull to know other people results as well.


Update, i’ve placed 3x15meters new cables to the router so now i have freedom to move it to any locations.

I’ve noted that if router is sitting with his backside to the player it start disconnecting,

if the router is rotated by 180 degrees and shows his face/front possition to the player,

appears to be fine without disconnecting.

I got this speed with WiFi connection now:

Is it OK? 

And would be connection via LAN cable fastern than this?