Wifi Connectivity Issues - Continually Restarting

OK so Ive searched the forums for a while now to no avail and i feel as though im out of options. If worst comes to worst ill get a replacement (hopefully i still have the receipt lying around somewhere). 

Anyway, to begin with everything was fine. There were always some connection issues (i had to reset every time it lost my wifi connection as it was unable to find it but this only happened every now and then) but nothing too major. Now its getting beyond the joke. After updating the firmware it now not only doesnt connect but upon resetting, showsafter showing me the select language screen (I always choose English), it goes on to try and find a wifi access point. After failing (it takes about 10 seconds) it simply reboots to start the whole process again. Basically i cant get to the main menu anymore so its pretty much “bricked”. I havent installed any other themes and up until the update everything was working fine(ish). Now im stuck. Should I just get a new one? Im assuming my ones busted

You may try a reset, by holding its reset button for 4 seconds.  If this does not make a difference you may contact WD for a replacement.