WiFi 5 Ghz

I bought my WDWP, but WiFi 5 Ghz does not work, my phone does not see it. 2.4 Ghz works like normal, and 5 Ghz is not visible from the moment of purchase. Both WiFi protocols are displayed in the settings. Someone knows what can be done?

You need to consult the complete MPWP User Manual. It may be in the MPWP folders or you can download it from the WD Support.If you are connected to 2.4G you will not see the 5G until tou click on BOTH in the MC app settings.

If you need more help you should contact WD Support.

In both settings, I’ve included both standards. Even if I did not connect, I did not see 5 Ghz. I even tried to include only 5 Ghz, as a result, 2.4 Ghz was lost and I could not get access to the drive, so I had to turn the factory settings.

Are you using a iPhone or Android phone, or a table to see the signals? Have you tried to see the wireless signal from a computer wi-fi?

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can install the highly acclaimed app called Wi-Fi Analyzer on the device and see ALL the wi-fi around you; both bands. You need to make sure the problem is that the MPWP and not any receiving devices) is the issue. If you don’t see both bands on the Analyzer, you can be sure the 5G is not there. (You have to have each band
with a unique name, such as My Passport (2.4 GHz) and My Passport (5 GHz) so you see two distinct SSIDs.

I only have a Xiaomi redmi 4x phone
according to the characteristics of the network sees 5Ghz, so only through it, I check the presence of the network.

Well. at this point, you will need to contact WD Support, and this is only user to user support. I have no other suggestions. sorry

Thanks for the answer.
Do you think it is necessary to reformat the disk into another file system? When connected to a laptop, WD is depicted as a network resource and not as a typical external drive connected via USB.

If you don’t have the user manual you need to get one, because it will answer many questions.

NO, formatting the disk will not solve this problem. Too many people format the disk at the first time of problems, and that is NOT the solution.

When the disk is setup on the wireless network (i.e. the internet) as per the setup instructions it will show up on the network in PC, because that is where it is. When you set up on the network, you connect a mobile device to the network’s SSID and NOT the drive’s wireless signal. You only connect to the drive’s wi-fi when you are using it away from home as a drive not connected to the internet.

When drive is connected to a PC USB, it shows up in Computer, not the Network.

So, get in touch with WD Support, refer to the user manual and don’t mess with formatting the drive, it is totally not necessary. You also have a lot of pre-installed folders and files you do not want to delete, and formatting will do that. I have NEVER needed to format my MPW, and I have had it for many years now.