Wierdo Network Problem: Any clues?


I have a weird network problem. . .I “think” it started after a Win10 major update rolled through my machine unbidden this week.

So. . . I have an EX2 wired to a router.
I have PC wired to same router.

Since the update, access to the EX2 is very flakey. Sometimes, I can’t change directories using file explorer. Streaming video to VLC (or Win Media player) results in constant LONG freezes, that are not recovered. Resource monitor on the PC shows that network traffic just STOPS when this happens

Ok. . .here’s the fun part;

  • NORMALLY, I am wired to the router. The PC also has a WiFi card. Also, I have a USB HUB that has video and ethernet. I see same problem on all THREE devices. (so. . not PC network hardware?)

  • No problems on another PC OR streaming video to a tablet from the EX2 (so. . .not the EX2 or the router?)

  • PLEX: If I use the EX2 as a plex server. . no problem. If I use the PC as plex server. . I have problems (YES, accessing same file on EX2 both ways)

So… . . I am thinking something is goobered in software. What I have done so far;

  • Updated video driver
  • Updated router firmware
  • Converted PC to fixed IP address.
  • Done the standard “reboot everything”; Flush DNS, reset winsock etc. (Maybe I missed something?)

Thoughts welcome.
Probably something obvious and stupid.
(I hate Windows10 major updates)

First, see the dedicated subforum for the EX2 where people more knowledgable with that device may be able to assist. This subforum (My Cloud) typically discusses a different device, the single bay/single drive My Cloud units.


One troubleshooting step with the My Cloud devices, when using Windows 10, is to see if SMB1 is disabled within Windows. Recent Microsoft updates have a habit of disabling this option. Which then causes problems in certain cases with Windows being able to properly access My Cloud devices.

How to Enable SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support on Windows 10


Thanks for the detailed answer.

Back when I put out my question, (5 hours ago), I was certain it was a PC problem; and figured this was a more generic forum for network trouble shooting.

But after reading your post - - - I fired up my my MyCloud (a single drive 4TB unit) and suddenly realized that NO, this now looks like an EX2 problem sepecific, and it is affecting both Two PC’s . . . both of which got Win 10 Vr 1903 in the last 6 weeks. . .

I have a third PC on Win10 1803. . . .and an android tablet that read the EX2 just fine. So. I will take this to the EX2 forum.

And yes. . .I do have SMB1 enabled.

(I hate Windows 10 major updates)