Wierd issue.....not sure of cause

Not sure if this is a network issue, a wd tv live issue or a windows 7 issue. I have win7 64bit home edition. I have network setup as Work in network settings. I made the approriate entries that the manual says in the network sharing area… Im using wifi. The wd tv live streaming sees the folders shared from my windows computer. It plays what it sees fine…but it doesnt see EVERYTHING in a folder. It shows some video files…but not all. I dont care about using a media library or anything. Its wierd cause it should show all …or none of the files in that directory. But it only shows SOME. And they are plain regular avis that when i put on a usb stick and plug it in, plays fine. Any one have any ideas???

Not an expert in this but maybe the permissions are different.

Right click a file that does not show up and select properties.

Select the Security tab and click WMPNetworksvc in the top box.

In the bottom box you should have a tick next to READ and under ALLOW.

You could try comparing the details for avi’s that work and don’t work to see if there is a difference.

There were reports a while back about this behavior on systems using Avast Antivirus…