Widows 10 refuses to connect to MYBOOKLIVE

I have a Mybooklive 3TB hard drive from WD hardwired directly to my laptop via Ethernet. My computer is connected to the internet via wifi. Earlier yesterday and months prior I had NO issues with this setup at all. Now, late last night and all day today I haven’t been able to access the device via Widows explorer at all. I can access the device UI via its IP address and change passwords, share access, etc… As of now I removed all passwords from every user and made every share public. Yet when I try to mount any share in widows explorer I’m constantly being prompted for a username and a password that simply doesn’t exist. It’s very annoying and frustrating. There’s no router or any other medium like that involved with this harddrive, it’s simply a direct connection between a computer and hard drive via an Ethernet cable.

EDIT I can access my files through the “WD My Cloud” desktop app, and it finds and connects to my Harddrive fine. But widows explorer is having major issues.


I logged onto the device’s UI webpage, and simply changed the name of the harddrive from “MYBOOKLIVE” to something else.

I now have access to all of my files now via windows explorer including a network drive, however “MYBOOKLIVE” still shows up in the network tab.