WiDi support status?

What’s the status on WiDi support? My laptop detects the WDTV, and when I try to connect, the WDTV says it’s conencting, but then I just get a black screen.

Should it be working?

Are you doing this


Plus what are you trying to stream.

I am doing something similar, yes, though my screens look different. The first time I connected I had to enter a pairing pin like with a Bluetooth device. From then on the wdtv shows up in my widi interface as a connectable device. But I never get a shared screen, just a black screen on the wdtv.

I hadn’t tried WiDi on my PS3 before though, so your message prompted me to give it a go. I followed instructions I found online and connected to my PS3 via WiDi and it worked. So I know at least their implementation is working with my laptop.

Also FYI - most of the time I don’t even get to the black screen - instead I get an error on the WDTV after about 10 seconds of trying to connect that says “The wireless display connection was disconnected unexpectedly due to a poor conenction.”

My laptop is sitting in direct LOS of the WDTV about 8 feet away. It had no such problem connecting to the PS3, which is about a foot further away and is fully behind the TV.