Wide Sheet

I have been using the wide thumbnails idea (Thanks to firetix) implemented using the following code:

  added to rv_gallery_browse_page.xml

This allows me to use two movie sheets just like the old WDTV Live Player.

  • First moviesheet = folder.jpg
  • Second moviesheet = foldername.jpg

The second moviesheet using foldername.jpg displays fine. WDTV SMP displays the actual foldername.jpg file with no quality loss.

However I have come to realize there is a quality loss in displaying the first moviesheet (folder.jpg) and hoping someone here might have an idea how to fix it.

The code above will display “folder.jpg” in wide format (1280 x 720). The problem is WDTV SMP never displays the actual file (folder.jpg). Instead the WDTV SMP displays a scaled version of “folder.jpg”. I believe the scaled version that is display is from .wdtv folder created by the media library which has cached metathumbs. I have tried turning the media library function OFF hoping this will force the SMP to display the actual unscaled “folder.jpg” but no luck.

Does anyone know how to display “folder.jpg” with the exact resolution with no scaling of the actual file? Thanks in advance for response.

Below are the images scaled and unscaled of folder.jpg




the scaled and unscaled images look the same quality to me (better get my eyes checked) :wink:

if the image is displayed from cache, then there’s nothing you can do about that… that’s how it’s programmed to work via the firmware.

You’ll probably have to use Linksheets to get around the problem. 

(which presents another problem … 30Mb limit for Linksheets … which then you’ll have to use KAD79’s custom firmware on a usb stick)

what theme is this. I like the moviesheets.