Wide Banner Icons instead of Folder "Icons"?

Hi Themer

is it possible to place an Wide Banner Icon  for the genre instead an small Icon… look


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Perhaps you are likely to obtain a better response if you contact the WD Community Theme Creators directly. Either send a Private Message to the owner of the theme you are using or post directly over the Theme Thread.

This is because not all Themes have the same features and may not be configured the same way.


May i also pose this question-

is it possible to change the size and even orientation of folder image (when in folder top view) to achieve this great looking multi banner aesthetic ??

TV show banners.jpg

gerdk wrote:

Hi Themer

is it possible to place an Wide Banner Icon  for the genre instead an small Icon… look


Basically, No if you use smaller thumbnails for your files.  Both file thumbnails and folder thumbnails are controlled by the same xml varibles.  If you change how the folders thumbnails look, you will also change how the file thumbnails looks.

Hi TW thanks for reply!

In your opinion, would it be reasonable to ask WD to fix this problem?

If so , (the IDEA post request) might be better coming from you than from me. 

I really doubt that WD would ever implement this, just from a pratical standpoint.

About all that we can hope for is that WD fixes the bug that keeps the “poster” from displaying for folders and fixes the problem with the folder thumbnails not displaying like the file thumbnails (displaying with the same quality that is).

Also, hopefully they will get the hint and allow moviesheets to be displayed natively or in the least seperate the thumbnail and poster variables so that moviesheets can be themed in more easily.

Hi TW,

I am dumbfounded by WD’s lack of response to many, many bugs in the firmware. nevermind the theming aspect!!

all i see on a daily basis is problems, problems, bugs etc with what could be a great piece of kit!

I am finally getting out of the woods, so to speak, by having FUN with the HUB but i must admit that it has taken at least 3 months since jan 2011 to get there! arrrghh

what about your exprience?


i can put my question to the Live Hud Ideas Forum, but i think that Ideas Forum is only an wischlist without an future.

Thanks for help.

Best regards from germany