Wi-fi dropouts, then cannot turn off WD Live Hub with remote or from the unit

Hi everyone

  I’ve recently purchased the WD Live Hub and have upgraded it to the latest firmware version. Really pleased with the unit apart from the following problem which has happened a number of times. I’ve been copying some MKV files from my PC via wi-fi to the unit. Sometimes for no reason the wi-fi drops out and the unit freezes up completely. I can’t turn the unit off using either the on/off button, remote control or even the reset button. The only way is to switch it off at the mains, which I don’t think is that good for the internal hard drive in the unit.

 Has anyone got any ideas or has had the same issue?



This has not happen to me

try copying other file types to see if the problem only happens with MKV 


  Thank you for your reply. I’ve been away for a few day’s and have only just logged back into the forum. All my files are MKV. I will try something from my video camera to see if the same thing happens or not.



Is your hub on wired connection? Your pc on wireless? I’m on latest firmware too, and copy via wifi. No problems so far. You could try changing your wifi’s channel in your router’s settings, maybe thats causing the dropouts if there’s a lot of wireless routers around your area.  I found a very usefull little program called InSSIDer that shows you all the wifi signals in your area and what channels they are on. It also shows you the strength of the signal, so if you find your being overshadowed by a strong signal, you can then set yours to use a channel that is’nt so packed. Programs free to download.

Link is here if you want it :


Failing that, possibly a dodgy hub?

I have also recently purchased a WD TV Live Hub and when it is working then it is great - just what I wanted.

But I get the same problems as you Lawrence and some you didn’t mention:

(a) It hangs quite often when you are selecting options, for example to play music stored on my NAS and as you say you have to power it down.  I don’t think the type of files you are copying is relevent, after all in any OS a file is a file is a file.  In Windows for example a dot exe file is the same as a dot txt except you can do different things with them when they are opened.  But for copying they are the same.

(b) Another example was when it caused me to lose the ability to Browse network resources on my network.  My PCs could still connect but not browse network resources.  Reboot of the whole kaboodle sorted this.

© Last night we had just watched a TV program on BBC iPlayer (via the WD service option) and afterwoods I could not access my media library ot any shares.  The network check passes and as I said I could run internet services.  So it’s not my wifi dongle.  Just what is it doing to my network?

(d) I left my hub and NAS powered off last night and looked again this morning.  I could open Network shares but again the media library apperaed not to be there and when I checked in the Setup I found all of the shares I had created had been removed.  Tell me how wifi could have done this please?

I am not sure this box is fit for purpose and I think I will ask Amazon for a refund. 

Lost network browsing again.