WI-FI band

Hi guys,

As many have said, the new (2014) Gen 4 WDTV Media player is kind of hardware identical with Gen 3 WDTV Live.

Do this new one see and can use the WiFI band 5Ghz specially design for streeming, or the same 2.5Ghz used by older WDTV Live. This one cannot even see 5Ghz band connections…  

All my other devices at home can use 5Ghz Band.



  1. it’s not “kind of … identical”…  It’s identical.

  2. no, it’s identical hardware.  It won’t see 5GHz WiFi.

  3. the 5GHz band is not specially designed for streaming.

  4. it’s not 2.5 GHz, it’s 2.4.

Thanks, So i’ll wait for the next one if i want to change the Live one.