Why would WD design this?

Help me understand why WD would design a new 2TB (shown in photo) hard drive that would NOT ALLOW the SATA cables to lock into place? Where as the old 1TB (shown in photo) drive does have it where the SATA cable will lock into place. Stay locked into place.

While trying to figure out why my computer was NOT showing the 2TB drive. Long and behold. The SATA cable had came unattached. Might want to rethink the design.

What kind of SATA cable do you use? I’m using a standard SATA II cable with the same hard drive design and the cable fits smoothly.

Some special SATA connectors with special attachment grips for easy removal may be different.

It’s actually worse than that. That 2 TB won’t lock a SATA III cable, as you discovered, because the locking part must touch something above it. And it won’t accept an old WDC cable, the one it formally included in SE-16 drive retail packaging, because the hole the cable depends upon is an entirely different shape as well as being closer to the connector. Really dumb design. Could it be a Chinese counterfeit?

Never seem a drive like yours

Its not the usual so if you buy the drive recently talk to the store

“Its not the usual so if you buy the drive recently talk to the store”

All of us would like to know where it was purchased.