Why won't EX2 mount reliably?

I am new to the world of NAS (I have the WD EX2 8TB), but I really thought if the NAS had a solid connection to network (it’s obviously wired) it would just show up as a drive in the Finder’s sidebar. But it doesn’t. Now, sometimes it does, but right now for example, it’s only showing up if I do the command-k and use the afp protocol. When I do that, however, it comes with the big question mark next to its name.

So, my question is: Why won’t this mount reliably? Am I running the latest OS X with all the updates and the NAS was updated to the latest firmware. Isn’t it just supposed to show up all the time that it’s running?

Sorry if I sound like a doofus. I feel way incompetent and am really hoping it’s something I’m doing wrong (rather than a bad unit that has to go back).


it happens to me too, under Windows enviroment, sametimes i’ve to reach the nas by IP address becouse with the NetBIOS name doesn’t respond.
it’s not the 1st time that i see this problem on this type of nas.

Same here. I’m not sure if it is co-incidence, but every time it does a firmware upgrade it stops drops of the Windows browse list and starts causing other machines on the network to issue “System error 6118!” in response to a “net view” command.

I’m now doing my SECOND System Only restore…

Come on WD - why the hell can’t you do a firmware upgrade that DOES NOT need a System Restore to make it work again?

Based on replies on Apple’s Support Discussions section, everyone is having trouble with El Capitan. It does work reliably on my wife’s Mac (which is running one version prior to the most recent version of OS X).

So I am not sure the blame should be laying at WD’s feet (for this, anyway). :smile: