Why will MBL stream over 3G & not WiFi? Help?

I’m a total n00b when it comes to these things, so anyone who can answer in simple English would be appreciated lol.

When setting up My Book Live to be accessed from outside of my network I cannot seem to get it to stream the files via the FTP in the iPad GoodPlayer app. However, when using the app on the iPhone it streams perfectly on 3G, yet I can’t access through an internet connection. Why would this happen?

I’m going to assume that my port forwarding and the MBL static IP information is all correct seeing as it’ll work over 3G. 

I can’t for the life of me figure out why it won’t work on a standard wifi connection… 

  • I have the static IP option selected in MBL settings.

  • Port forwarding in my routers settings is FTP to ports 20-21 as those are the ones open on my connection.

  • In the remote access option of the MBL dashboard it says “Port forwarding connection established.”

  • Only some files stream over 3G (avi & mp4), not all.

Thank you for the help in advance :slight_smile:

I presume if you’re using WiFi that you’re doing it at home?   Or are you doing it on some public WiFi somewhere else?

If at home, remember that the address you’re using to access it will be your INTERNAL address, not your INTERNET address.

I’m using friends & work WiFi when I try to access MBL. 

If it works over the 3G on my phone, shouldn’t it automatically work when I switch to WiFi?

Does anyone happen to have an answer?

I’ve tried google and nothing shows as to why it will stream with 3G and not wifi