Why when the 3d movie in 3d mode the subtitle cant be readable?

its very hard to see the subtitles

when the 3d movie start in 3d mode

the subtitle stretched sooooo much

its unreadable

plzzzz any help from the supporters…& the profesionals

its a big problem to see a 3d film without subtitles

i do every thing to solve this problem from the subtitle option when the movie started but not solved

Are you watching movies in 3D on the hub?

It isn’t supposed to support it!

No, he’s talking about SIDE-BY-SIDE or TOP-AND-BOTTOM, which isn’t really 3D at all.

Since the TV is taking the image and turning it into 3D, the Subtitles will get messed up, because the subtitles images aren’t rendered on both the left and right side, so the TV is going to screw them up.

The only way to fix this would be to use a utility to break the stream into TWO streams (a Left and a Right) then render the subtitles as “Burned In” in BOTH the left and Right, and then re-join them into a new SBS stream.