WHY WD Blue SN500 NVMeTM SSD does not show up in BIOS and Disk Management?!

I wondering why so much post about WD SSD product malfunction or unable to detect but there is no administrator to reply on our matter?
I’m using Inspiron 7559 series i5 processor and purchase a WD Blue SN500 NVMeTM SSD but my laptop cannot detect the SSD same goes to Disk Management. The retailer refuse to accept this product return.
Please tell us why, this WD Blue SN500 NVMeTM SSD NEW product incompatible and there is no information to guide the end user to purchase right product.

This is a User to User forum and not a WD Product support forum

If you’re having an issue with your product which no one here can help you with, then you need to contact WD directly and raise a support ticket.


Because a SSD drive can be used on a variety of platforms, like Windows, Mac, Linux and so on, new SSD are sold unformatted and needs to be formatted by the user.
Format the SSD for your system and give it a drive-letter. After that the bios of your system and disk management can detect the new drive.

An useful explanation you will find here … Easy fix to SSD not showing up in Windows 10