Why was the "Status: Acknowledged" topic moved to a general feedback list?

Why was the “Status: Acknowledged” topic moved to a general feedback list??? Surely this is a topic worthy of discussion within this forum.

Hi richUK,

Posts are moved into the Forum that best fits the topic. Since this post was a query about how statuses were set, and not specific to WD TV Live, it was moved to the Forum Feedback.


It was not a query. It was proof  that the status acknowledged means absolutely nothing and is being automatically added to try and placate dissatisfied posters. Posters would assume that having their idea acknowledged meant that somebody in the company was listening to them. If this was true I would assume that the’ idea’ of having an alternative player to the WDTV should have been deleted rather than be ‘acknowledged’.  If I put an idea forward that said ‘The world is flat’ would that also be acknowledged.

For those that missed it here is the original post that got moved:

"Well, it looks like any idea you post from now on get automatic Status: Acknowledged.  So really this means nothing.

Check out the new idea for “Thread for rating alternate media players”.

Hard to believe this was looked at, Acknowledged and forwarded to the product team"

As you can see it was not a query but a statement that shows how it seems that our ideas and the vote system are not  taken seriously by WD.  The idea  “Thread for rating alternate media players” was put there as a test and sure enough it was marked status Acknowledged as was all of the ideas posted there.  You can not expect us to believe the idea (which was not really an idea at all) was actually sent to the product team.  We would like to know what ideas were actually sent to the product team to be considered in the next firmware release.

Also, this post is specific to the WDTV Live ideas marked as acknowledged and concerns the WDTV Live.

I almost put one in there to vote on WD washing my socks but decided againts it…:slight_smile:

I’m sure it would have been acknowledged (and passed on the the product team).

The Top idea at the moment is ‘Full Menu support of BluRay or DVD disc’ and has 169 recommendations.

It was submitted on 3rd Dec 2009 and yet it is still just status: acknowledged.

I cannot find any idea which is higher than 'status: acknowledged. Is there a product team or is this whole forum some sort of gimmick to give hope to people like us who parted with their cash. I would have assumed that if anybody was working on the problems then there would be lots of updates to the knowledge base on the WD Support page. I have checked and there are none dealing with the main problems. There is an explanation regarding the Youtube problem but its just a hand washing exercise - its not our fault, no mention of the rebooting that accompanies it or how to overcome it.

Come on Western Digital make it into the 21st century and put at least one technical person on the forum who may be able to suggest solutions, don’t leave it all to us and hackers to get these boxes to work as you said they would.

All the ideas have been changed to Acknowledged because our product team is now going through the Ideas.  You will see the idea statuses change as they figure out which ideas can be incorporated.