Why Use TVersity?

Hi All:

I’m very new to the WD TV Live.  So new, that it hasn’t even arrived yet (scheduled for delivery today.  w00t!).

Anyway, I’ve been reading up in preparation for the arrival of the device and see that some people are using TVersity in conjunction with their WD TV Live.  Sorry if this seems like a basic question, but I’m not sure why… and wondering what I’m missing.

I have music and video on an external HD that’s attached to an Apple Airport Extreme (i’m anticipating issues with the WD TV Live accessing it, in which case I can just plug it in directly to the unit).  In the case that the setup will work, last night I bought a switch and some Cat 5 cables (and an HDMI cable).  The WD TV Live and my DirecTV receiver will plug into the switch, which will be plugged into the Airport Extreme router.

So I expect that I’ll be able to browse the files on the hard drive and play video and music.

Where does TVersity fit into the equation?

I do use TVersity now to stream music to my DirecTV receiver.  Never had much luck streaming video with TVersity, which is one of the big reasons I purchased the WD TV Live.

So I guess my question comes down to… I thought that the WD TV Live + TV + networked HD were all of the pieces of the equation that I’d need to enjoy my music and video on the big TV.  Apparently, TVersity is (or can be) another piece of that puzzle.  What does adding that piece of the puzzle buy me?

Thanks in advance!

OK, researched some more.  It seems that using TVersity (or any other media server) allows you to stream content from providers like Hulu, so that you can watch their content on the TV thru the WD TV Live box.

Altho based on a review I found on Amazon, PlayOn seems like it might be a better (more stable?) choice for media server.  Once I get the WD TV Live hooked up (hopefully tonite), will sign up for PlayOn’s trial and take it for a test-drive.

If there’s anything else regarding the integration of a media server and WD TV Live, please let me know.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve had my player for about a month and like it, though it has some quirks I would like WD to fix. Read the forum, you’ll see some of them written about in detail.

I wonder if PlayOn or TVersity would allow streaming movies from Netflix through my PC with Windows Media Center to the WDTV Live. I’d love a little tutoring that would help make that possible. Thanks!