Why upgrade from 02.10.09-124?

I rarely log into my 3TB Mybook UI… when I logged in yesterday it suggested that I update my firmware.  I am currently on 02.10.09-124

I haven’t seen any release notes.  I read comments on the most recent firmware… it seems like scary stuff.  Is there a good reason to update?  Any advantages or new features that I may not have with 02.10.09-124?

My device is working.  After I disabled an option to display file size on my WD HD Plus devices, I found the interface to be reasonably fast (it started dragging as I filled up the drive).  I’m inclined not to “fix” something that is not broken.


The update was pushed out to fix a specific issue. We will be releasing another udpate in the middle of the month that has more comprehensive fixes.

Previously I was getting a 404 error.  This link is now working for me:  http://support.wdc.com/download/notes/My_Book_Live_Release_Notes_FW02_10_12-129_0321.pdf