Why there is 5GB limit?

Just can not store the video file bigger than 5GB.

Why there is that 5GB limit?

You have ONE video file that is larger than 500GB ? WOW ! :open_mouth:


Sorry, mistyping.

They are more than 5GB.

And WD my cloud home just can not accept any file more than 5GB.

Question… Are you using WebDAV to transfer these files to and from the WD My Cloud?

Sorry, I do not understand your question.

I just moved itune video files from my Mac to my Cloud Home.

My cloud home just rejected moving any files bigger than 5GB.

Hi, it seems that Files larger than 5 GB can ONLY be uploaded using the My Cloud Home Desktop app.

More info: Error Uploading Large Files with My Cloud Home Web App

“My Cloud Home Desktop app”?

I used Mac’s Finder as well as Chrome.

BTW, what is WebDAV?

What they mean is desktop app like “WD Discovery” for window OS.

Another way of doing it is thru the USB 3.0 port. You can upload from an external drive, for example.

Thank you.

The WD Discovery bring me to the Mac Finder.
It is the way I use to move my files.

It works now! The files begger than 5GB is OK.
(It was not OK. Is that because the update of the WD Discovery?)

hahah! No really, When you got over 30TB then knock on my door. Just kidding…

He said 5GB, not 500GB.

he originally said 500GB

and then (if you bothered reading the OP’s reply) corrected the typo error to 5GB

Thanks for your insightful input into a 2 Year Old topic.

I just uploaded a 17gb file remotely, so I’m not sure if the limit was changed or updated but I was able to do it.