Why The Lag Time

:angry:I Have A My Book Home Edition 1.5tb USB, Firewire, & eSATA, I use it for my DJ gig’s & keeping my music & videos. When I use this drive though I always have problems with it & don’t know why. My main problem is when I’m using my itunes or Serato I get this serious lag time. I don’t know why though, but it’s like the drive goes on the searching frenzy when I use it with my Serato. Example: Ok when I pull my music file from the hard drive it will freeze up my serato program screen then release it. Then it will sometimes drop the music that is playing or it will not fully load the new song in a timely fashion. I have always used WD hard drives for my serato, I have a 250 with a generic “Ultra” chaise and I have never had problems with it. But this new WD is giving me problems constantly. Im not sure what the problem is but I know it’s not my Serato program cause I have been in chat with them & we have tried everything. I hope someone understands what Im trying to say & can help. I can not keep working & the drive keeps flaking out on me. 

How is the drive formatted? What version of your Operating System are you running?

I have a similar issue as Scholar1200.

I am running the device via USB, configured as RAID0 (reporting Healthy) on a PC with W7 Pro.

On a bad day, when I play a video the outer blue LED  rotates and my media player shows not responding.

On a good day, the outer blue LED rotates, the fan goes into overdrive and I get a juddering video that freezes for a few seconds then plays at fast forward speeds then freezes again then plays at fast forward speed.

Often in windows explorer when it is doing a directory listing, the green progress bar goes to about 90% and then stops for up to 5 minutes.

Other days the drive works fine.

Im using a 32bit operating systm, of windows vista… The hard drive is a NTFS format.