Why software upgrade not finished for 2 days

I bought a new my cloud home, on the main page of the ios app., when I click the right button on the top of the screen, it shows Software Upgrade …Your My Cloud Home is currently updating to the latest version …
It’s been 2 days, nothing happened, I can’t use the album and photo editing function.
what’s really going on in the device?

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try to reboot the device and make sure the MyCloud is connected to your main router ( not Wi-Fi extensor ) via ethernet for better performance.


Got the same issue…
i have 2 devices … one upgraded … the other not … and i rebooted it already several times!
so what is the real solution?

reboot is no use for me.still the same upgrade page.
I have another issue I want to verify if it is my individual issue before I call WD support.
I imported photos to Mycloud Home from my old Mycloud drive, google drive and Box. All the photos that I imported from those net drives are displayed in a strange manner. It looks normal in their thumbnails, but if I click it to view, it appears in a very low definition pictures. I have to click the picture multiple times to enlarge and restore it, then the photo can display its original quality.