Why so many email alerts about firmware?

I’m happy that the firmware updated and that the WD mirror emailed me to let me know. But I received 4 identical email alerts yesterday about the update to 2.30.181. I receive one so far this morning.
The emails are identical except the time stamp today is different than yesterday’s.

Is this normal? I would have thought one notification would be enough.

It seems that they are trying to inform about latest firmware as the latest firmware for My Cloud Mirror Gen2 device is 2.30.193 (05/08/2018). You may check the latest firmware from the dashboard and may ignore if already updated.

Thanks for that info. I’ve been relying on the notices at the top of this forum to stay aware of updates. I have no need to access my drive other than at home and I’ve deliberately set incorrect IP’s for my WAN gateway so the drive has no connection to the outside world. I’ve now updated.