Why so difficult?

Bought a new WD SSD. Want to clone old drive. Installed WD True Image and clearly says on download page “Download of this software provides a 5-year license to use it with your compatible drive.”

Why then does Acronis say on load page need to upgrade or renew licence?

So I hit renew license and get message no WD drive found!

So…I am using W11 Pro. Come on like should still work right?


Please refer to the following KBA article: How to backup a Windows Computer using Acronis True Image for Western Digital

What ITGeekboy is saying, and I am also experiencing, is that immediately upon install of the new WD M.2 SSD and the Acronis software linked in the drive’s WD product support page, Acronis is saying it cannot detect a new Western Digital drive and therefore wants us to pay $40 USD for a license. We cannot progress past the “You need a license” screen to see the screens mentioned in your link.

So the root issue is Acronis failing to see the new WD drive. How do we “trick” Acronis into seeing the new drive or otherwise supply Acronis with the license provided courtesy of WD?

PS - Yes, I did see this link and it gave me the same failing version of Acronis (39200) that I just got done trying to use, so either WD is supplying the wrong version or the link between Acronis verification and the WD hardware validation is broken and needs fixing.

I’ve attached the error Acronis is returning, for your information.