Why SmrtWare Virtual CD Manager can't config MY Passport?

Hi All

My Problem : Can’t see My Passsport Drive and Data

M** ore detail : After I run SmartWare Virtual CD Manager  My Passsport it’s current status is hidden(SmartWare VCD setting Disaable) but when I want change status todisplayed**  (SmartWare VCD setting Enable) I receive message from Smart Ware CD Manager “WD SmartWare VCD configuration failed.Please click Restart to try again.

* Windows Device Manager (Disk Drive and USB) can detect  WD My Passsport but can’t see in Windows Disk management.

Question : 1.What happened with My Passsport?

   2.How I have to do? (step by step it’s good) 


Check whether you have a bad cable or connecting USB sockets. If you cannot see your drive in Disk Management, there is a high probability that your disk drive is not functioning properly. You should contact WD support at this point.