Why several folders under the wd_smartware folder and what are their functions?

Hello. when I browse my Passport with my Netgear entertainment live, I go to the Wd-Smartware folder. that folder contains 7 or 8 files with long number sequence as names like 87390D4852348xxxx. Would someone know why there are several folders? They contain different data, some seem to contain older versions, looks like my data is sprayed around those folders, and it is not practical! Please note I have asked for only 1 copy of each file to be backed up. Thanks - help appreciated. boert

Hi there!!

It seems that you are using the old version of Smartware, those folders hold the backup and are only understood by the old version of Smartware.

The new version puts all of your files in a single “smartware.swstor” with a structure similar to a computer (Computer name folder> Volume> Users/Documents and Settings> Username> Files).

You can update Smartware for free on WD’s website under the download section for your Passport.

Hope it helps!

Great - Thanks for replying. I have upgraded and it is all as you predicted, Genius! thanks!

Any time :slight_smile: