Why pay for basic backup software?

If someone buys 3 passports and 4 hard drives shouldn’t that customer receive a complimentary back up product?

I do not fully understand your concept/definition of a “backup product”. A “backup” is a secondary digital data source/copy available as an emergency in case the primary data source is no longer accessible.

For example, if I have “Folder 1” with all of its content in both hard drive A and hard drive B at once then I have a backup. On the other hand, if “Folder 1” is only available in hard drive A but it’s not copied as well to hard drive B then I do not have a backup.

There are many possible ways to create the backup as long as you have 2 storage devices.

I assume dennis_m is asking why he has to pay $20 for SmartWare Pro after buying multiple WD devices. When I read the documentation for my My Cloud device, I assumed that the upgrade from Smartware to SmartWare Pro was automatic and free.