Why only a 3 year warranty on brand new Caviar Black?

I registered my two 1 tb drives from Best Buy’s 2010 black Friday sale and both serial numbers came up as having a 3 year warranty even though the drives were made in Septembe 2010.

WD support said if I send them a copy of the reciept they will extend it to 2015.  What is going on here?  Is this a sneaky way to reduce the warranty to 3 years?  They have the serial number and not only should they know the date it was made but they probably know the name of the person who put it in a box in Thailand.

The excuse from the tech was “both Caviar Black drive belong to a new line of product”

Yeah right.

Just wondering if anyone else noticed this.

Stuff happens.  Nobody’s trying to cheat you out of your warranty.  Email in a Digitized copy of your receipt and they’ll fix it.