Why not let the user choose

I wonder why all services is included in the base fw, why could it not be chosen during flash or even better, be delivered without any internet services except an online installer wich can retrieve and install/update only the selected service applications from a list of whats available?

I’m not trying to be sacrcastic, but, you could just not use them?  Just thinking…

The flash memoy (NAND) on the WDTV is limited in size so integration of internet media apps which will be unused is a waste of valuable space.  If Roku operated with the philosophy you suggest then owners of their boxes would be limited to 30-40 channels which Roku determined were worthy of inclusion.  Instead of doing so, Roku has allowed users to determine which channels will fill up their box’s memory and as a result there are 3-5 times as many channels available.

Yeah, the flash memory is limitted; but there’s still PLENTY left to be consumed.

First off, as kcmark states, even tho´ it is not filled YET it is limited, and not as far from filled as suggested in the reply.

second point is that browsing thru´ services I don’t use, or having them displayed is eye-poop to me.

third point is that it would make WD able to regionalize or localize the offered apps, no need to offer netflix to Europeans for example

and finally, having an open repository allowing third-party apps would (like different app-repositories/stores does for other devices) invite unapproached developers and spawn new ideas of ways to take advantage of the ressource  at hand.

(I see a lot of subscription services that could be interrested in making their material as accessible as possible - to gain market shares by expanding their costumor-base)

Anyway, my general point is, let the user choose what services is attractive to them, supply the bare necessities for mediaplayback (UI/OSD, Codecs & FS/Protocol support, Local & Network browser and menu features/settings) and let the users choose what to add from there !