Why no FAQ?

I’m an occasional visitor here but poked around enough to notice there are plenty of repeated questions like:

How do I get to my Dashboard?
How do i get to Twonky?
How do I create a new share?

Most other support type forums have an FAQ sticky for common questions; why not here?

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There used to be a number of sticky FAQ threads.

The new forum supports sticky threads, but there seems to be a bizarre policy of not allowing useful threads to be made sticky.

So we end up answering the same bleep questions over and over.

Most sensible forums like this have a new thread dialogue that has the following Q’s before you’re allowed to post::

Have you read the manual?
Have you read the FAQ?
Have you searched the forums?

Not here.

Now go and find me a link, anywhere on the ‘WD Community’, to WD’s Support and Knowledgebase.

You’d think they were deliberately trying to be as unhelpful as possible.

Frankly, it’s a pathetic, half-baked shambles. Maybe indicative of the rest of the business…?

ps. Here’s a Twonky FAQ. It used to be sticky. It’s had about 30k hits. Now it’s not sticky, and it’s locked so I can no longer maintain it. Why do we bother trying to give FREE SUPPORT TO THEIR CUSTOMERS if they can’t be bothered to give us just a tiny bit of help?

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There IS an official FAQ. It is called the WD Knowledge Base. :grinning:

Most problems in this forum stem from the fact that people don’t take the time to fully read either the product documentation, or more importantly the WD My Cloud User Manual.

A fair number of other complains, questions or issues stems from unrealistic expectations for a low end, low cost single drive NAS.

There are valid complaints about the OS on the My Cloud, various USB issues, various Mac El Capitan/Windows 10 issues, copying speed from/to the device or an attached USB drive to the device. Part of those issues stems from what appears (to the end user) a grafted/cobbled together OS from several separate programs (Debain, Twonky, MyCloud.com portal, WD Desktop, WD mobile apps, WD Sync) that don’t always play nice together. It doesn’t help that the WD programming team makes some arbitrary decisions (like dropping MyCloud.com portal drive mapping) or programming choices (like Dashboard UI colors, no ability to disable or set private the Public Share, no ability to control subfolders and their permissions/user access) that in the view of some hobble the My Cloud device.

All that said the My Cloud works for the most part fine for me (certain USB issues aside) as I’m sure it works fine for a large number of folks who have purchased them. Typically one only ventures into this user to user support forum when they have trouble or want to change something on the device.

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Have you visited the Learning Center and looked at all the available information? The link below is for the Learning Center.


Getting to Twonky, Windows users should try looking at their Devices and Printers>WD My Cloud, do a right click on it and look at Properties then the UPnP tab for a link to Twonky. After opening it I saved it to my favorites. See example image below.

How to create a share can be found in the Dashboard Help (?) information. See image below.

There is a lot of information provided for the My Cloud and can be found by using all provided links.


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