Why my network connection broken so often

Hi! Network connection is broken while watching video files on my notebook. Notebook is connected wireless and WD Live connected via CAT5 cable. Sometimes connection continues 3-4 hours uninterruptedly. But sometimes connection interrupts every 3-4 minutes. Last firmware is loaded whwn I first connected to internet. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks…

go to your notebooks power options and set it so it doesnt go to sleep etc etc

also go to your device manager - network adapter and disable “allow windows to turn it off…”

I had the same problem. Read how I solved the problem  in what I posted before.

After 2 errors Windows stops automatically services needed for the player. For example running Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service is needed for media sharing. If this service stopped the third time media sharing is broken because Windows starts identifying a Public Network.

To solve this: Go to the control panel, next Administrative tools and then go to Services. Change the service Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service under tab Recovery Subsequent failures to Restart the service.