Why multimedia catalog?


I’ve tried to enable the multimedia catalog on my WD TV Live Hub, but the only change I see is that instead of seeing my content organized in folders (TV Shows, Movies, Documentaries etc) I see all the files in on place. 

IE: if I want to watch Dexter, season 2, episode 4, the way I do it now is to navigate to TVShows/Dexter/Season2/

while with the multimedia catalogue i have to remember the exact file name (that is, assuming that all the Dexter videos are name “DexterS0*E**”.

I don’t see how that could be a feature someone would want, unless I’m (probably) missing something…

Can anybody please explain me the benefits of enabling multimedia catalog?


You can sort using various types of fields and search your media + you’ll be able to use meta info for movies.

Thanks for your answer. And how do I input those datas to my videos?

Press the option button on a selected movie then select “Get Info”, it will now search TMDB for movie info, cover and fanart if there’s internet connection on the hub.

Also, set your view to FOLDER mode by pressing the GREEN button and selecting ALL / FOLDER.

Agree with above.

For TV shows, just create folders (PC-> Windows Explorer->“Network”->“WDTVLIVEHUB”) and name shows simply. Use the YELLOW? button to select the best view.

No need to add Metadata to TV shows. Keep it simple.

Thanks everybody for your help