Why MBL wakes up on iPhone startup?

Today I noticed that my sleeping MBL woke up when I powered up my iPhone: MBL and the phone are connected to the same router, iphone connected by wifi). I can’t understand why that happend since MBL has FTP, Remote, iTunes services OFF and Twonky ON. The drive started spinning some seconds before the iPhone’s sim lock screen appeared: so no DLNA should be running at that time. I imagine that there is no way to easily understand what triggered the wake up, even through logs. Is there some kind of network discovery function?

Hi, try disabling the Twonky server to check if the same thing happens again.

I discovered that mbl wakes up at random times even without iphone…

I fix my MBL sleep problem. I confim that MBL starts spinning on iPhone and iPad startup sequence. This does not happen when the devices switch from 3G to Wifi. Nor with android devices.