Why isn't my external HD compatible with a HDD Multimedia Player?

I currently have a WD 500GB Black USB 2.0 external HD that I purchased new from WD about 5/6 years ago. (For the record I’ve never had problems with it and it’s always been a great item for me) I’ve now filed it up almost to the max. The purpose it uses for me is to store videos. Mainly MPEG, AVI, XVid, MKV, VOB, MP4 & one or two FLV. In time I was to burn these videos to DVD I even spent the money to buy an external burner however as time passed I realized that the amount of time it took for me to restore a file back into my pc, plus the amount of time I spent creating a menu and burning the file to DVD was just too much and I didn’t have the time.

I’ve now tried connecting my external HD to a HDD Multimedia Player via USB 2.0 and for starters it took a while to load/show that the external HD was connected. I would assume this is due to the large amount of files it needed to load. Once it connected I opened the first folder which was something like “FAT32” then the next screen it showed several folders with the dates which is how I stored/backed up the videos. I opened those folders and the videos which were suppose to be there weren’t. I then connected my WD 80GB Passport HD into the HDD Multimedia Player via USB 2.0 and it did show several folders and files which I have in there and the videos played with no problem. The only reasoning I have behind this is that while the videos in the Passport HD are stored in their original format (in this case AVI) the videos on my WD 500GB HD are stored in a different format which might not be compatible with the HDD Multimedia player. Is my WD 500GB HD just not compatible with HDD Multimedia Players or is there something I missed or need to do?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and respond…


Check the manual for your media player to see if the files you are trying to play are compatible, you can also just copy a file that is recognized on the 80GB hard drive to the 500GB one and then do another test.