Why is WD Acronis App not on Mirror Gen2

As per this WD page:

mine is the only device without WD Acronis.

Since I have not used Acronis before, what is the difference/purpose of Acronis on the
Cloud device versus Acronis installed on a PC?

I am still looking for a Safepoint like backup option that was available with the MBL product line. I use my cloud device as working storage among multiple PCs with nightly incremental only backup of the cloud device to a connected externeal USB drive. I have looked at all backup options on the Mirror and none of them work.
Thank you

Acronis is a 3rd party backup as well as cloning software that is used on backup or create the cloning of the computer data. It works in the same way on the cloud as it works in the PC after installing it.

Moreover, you can configure the WD Smartware to backup the data from the computer to your My Cloud Device.

Thanks for responding. I make more use of Windows History and Backup for the PCs, but even with Smartware I would still want to back that up to the Mirror(and along with much that is already a working copy on the NAS I want redundantly backed up to a USB external as I do with my aging MBL Duo). The newer WD Backup does not even see a cloud device.

I could try Acronis on a PC but that still puts the onus on the PC for resources and availability for backing up. Currently my MBL NAS takes care of this in off hours. I want the bulk of my data security resources to be assumed by the NAS(as in the Safepoint function of the MBL line), not PCs. Also no matter what Acronis ‘saw’ or features available I cannot assume it would function similarly as an app on a NAS. I would actually expect it to be functionally dis-similar but have never seen it working on other cloud devices it is available on.

I remain, frustrated and disappointed.