Why is version 43_V SLOWER than the previous?

Hi there,

I have just upgraded my WD TV Liv HD Media Player to FirmWare 1.06.43_V

However, this version seems much slower in many ways, then the previous version was:

  • system startup is MUCH SLOWER
  • getting ready to play from a USB storage is MUCH SLOWER
  • Movie preview thumbnail comeup is MUCH SLOWER

I have tried :

  • Full reset to factory default
  • Delete WD_tv file from USB storage

NO improvement in speed.

Any idea / suggestions guys ?

Many thanks

Hello, Try rolling back the old firmware version. Check the link below for the steps.


Rolling back did not work either.

Ever since  the upgrade, it feels like the CPU speed dropped to halve.

EVERYTHING got slow, in general.

And… I did the upgrade as istructed…:frowning:

Slow boot

Slow file handling

Slow to get ready to pplay anything

Never expected WD to come up with a trash like that.