Why is there no support for Slingbox with TV Live Plus?

hi i curious how come there is no support for the Slingbox and TV Live Plus there is support for TV Live and youd think  Plus is the better model of the TV Live

so is there a way to get slingbox to work with TV Live Plus

Slingbox company has no idea

First of all there are two versions of the WD TV live with the live streaming gen3 being the latest. Secondary the plus is not a better version of the original live just a version which can access north american Netflix. (Plus netflix.)

The live streaming gen3 is the best and latest version and that supports sling box.

oh ic  i figured  when it says LIVE TV  and LIVE TV Plus the plus would be the later model with mroe features

and nope not gen 3  i guess mine be gen 1 or 2 then 

so how would i get slingbox to work on those 2 gen

so whats the difference between the 3 generations of the Plus model

i looked  online  i cant find 3 generations of the TV Live Plus model   just TV Live Tv Live Plus and Hub 

either way  is there a firmware the will let the TV Live Plus  install slingbox  instead of me having to buy a new Tv Live product.  Also thought all the WD models could access netflex anyways

This is the Live Streaming gen3 - picture at top


This the Hub - picture at top


This is the original Live and Live plus- picture at top. Difference between the two is that the live plus does north american netflix


ok i see now and kinda miss leading when they say support for slingbox  for WD TV Live since there is 2 versions Orginal and Gen 3.   so then there is no support then for Orginal TV Live and TV Live Plus. 

which im guessing there wont be a release??  guess i gotta get the new gen 3 or the hub  which is betteR?