Why is there no option to generate an SSL certificate in the dashboard?

I need an https connection to the dashboard for my EX2, wondering why the dashboard does not have a feature to let me generate an SSL certificate to use on my computer


You could refer to the following link: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/17380

not sure how webdav is going to help me here. i am looking to install an SSL certificate on my trusted computers at home, where the NAS is also part of the network.

allowing those trusted computers to use HTTPS when accessing the NAS dashboard via a browser. I’m well aware of backlash like ‘you’re behind your router’s firewall, you DONT NEED HTTPS …’ I have my reasons.

my router has a feature that easily let me export the certificate for it, and setting the dashboard of the router to HTTPS, installing the certificate on my computers, am able to login to the router via HTTPS.

not sure why WD did not introduce something similar for users of higher end NAS’s like the EX2 Ultra. maybe it’s not a higher end WD NAS after all ?

I appreciate this post because I’m looking for steps to do the same, and it appears my device (My Cloud EX2) was originally designed with the web management interface to be open via http and not to be secured via SSL). I’m looking for steps to install a certificate - even if I have to go get one myself instead of generating one from the device, although I agree with cs7404 that it would be so much easier if the device had a built-in option to export the cert to enable SSL connections from any client. Better yet, that the web server came configured that way and automatically handled the local browser cert install like any other secured web site.


Update: I did find a helpful note in the WebDAV link shared by Jonty.S. It says that https is not supported in Widows 10, which is the OS version I’m using to try to manage my device. I’ll try with a Mac that I’ve got and repost.